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FE1 V.35 Ethernet Fiber Modem Solution
From: Cutelink Date: 2008-05-26

Hello Every,

Our engineer created a new FE1 V.35 Ethernet Fiber Modem Solution.Pls visit our website solutions' page.

Thank you visit our website.

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CuteLink IT Dept.


CuteLink FE1 V.35 Ethernet Fiber Modem used to build a flexible Network as different customers' requirements.
Case 1. FE1 Fiber Modem work with V.35 Fiber Modem.
Case 2. FE1 Fiber Modem work with Ethernet Fiber MOdem.
Case 3. FE1 V.35 and Ethernet Fiber Modem work together.

CuteLink Fiber Modem Model:
CL-FOM100  FE1 Fiber Modem               OP-FE1
CL-FOM135  V.35 Fiber Modem              OP-V.35
CL-FOM101  Ethernet Fiber Modem         OP-Eth
CL-FOM104  4*Ethernet Fiber Modem      OP-4Eth