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CuteLink ZERCI Distribution Strategies .
  • To establish the sales distribution system of Cutelink,Thus offering more valuable developing space for our partners, better and more valuable products and service for our customers.
  • According to the statistics of the Network Communication products such as high tech-integration, wide application and close to customers' needs, Cutelink refers to the successful experiences of the cooperation and development in IT industry, and adopts the sales agency system to establish sales strategic community with our agents so as to enlarge the market share.
Main supports for the Cutelink Distribution Partner:
  • Products support:Provide Network Communication with advanced technology and high competitiveness.
  • Sales support:Raise the rate for successful sales and the ability to get profits.
  • Service support:Provide long-term service before and after sale
  • Technical support:Enrich your knowledge about the products to satisfy the
  • customers' demands, and offer very valuable group net scheme.
How to become CuteLink's Distribution Partner:
  • Step 1: Application-fill out the application form of CuteLink's Distribution Partner.
  • Step 2: Certification-both parties determine the foundation and elements of the cooperation through further communication and evaluation. CuteLink shows the certification after the agreement is reached.
  • Step 3: Authorization and the starting of commercial cooperation-CuteLink gives the authority to the agents formally and the two parties start the cooperation according to the agency policy and agreement terms.
  • Step 4: Achievement assessment-CuteLink carries out achievement assessment for agents according to the channel policy and gets general approval.
Qualifications of Distribution partnership of CuteLink:
  • independent legal entity with the qualification proof.
  • Be strong in selling: it must have great influence in the sale of the products and professional workers to promote products of our company.
  • Experiences in this line: At least one year's history in selling net products.
    Achievement in the line: more than 1 million CNY annual sales output
  • Technical support before sales: able to design medium or small network; strong ability to answer questions and show the functions of equipment before sales.
  • Technical support after sales: able to install, and diagnose the medium or small network; the ability to offer technical support for the customers.
  • Location of the offices: must have permanent offices in the authorized areas.
  • Credit: clear and prompt payment, no debt.
Cutelink Distribution Partner List
  • China
  • South East Aisa
  • South Aisa
  • Midle East
  • East Europe
  • West Europe
  • North America
  • South America
    Pls contact with CuteLink Sales dept.(sales@zerci.com) to get your local distibuter contact detail.
*ZERCI CuteLink keep the right to cancel the Distribution Partnership Certification when the Distributer not execute the CuteLink Distribution Partner term.