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4/8*FXO/FXS+4*Eth+2Rs232 Over E1 PCM Solution
From: cutelink Date: 2014-03-17
CL-VOE4402/VOE8402 Voice Over 1*E1 multiplexer is a point-to-point optical transmission equipment developed based on FPGA Chips, realizing 4*100M Ethernet,4/8 voice channels(FXO,FXS,),2 RS232 and 1 V.35 channel . It is perfect monitoring and alarm, high integration rate, low power consumption, steady performance , convenient used. It is suitable in business for communication operator, government and all kinds of big group.

4/8*FXS/FXO+4*Eth+Rs232+V.35 Over E1 PCM

4/8*FXS/FXO+4*Eth+Rs232+V.35 Over E1 PCM