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From: cutelink Date: 2012-04-01

Hello Every,

Our Company release CL-EasyView SNMP NMS System.CL-EasyView SNMP NMS System is base on CL-EasyPDH and CL-EasyEth. 

CL-EasyView can manage these models:
CL-FOM16104G 16E1+4GE+Rs232+OW VLAN SNMP PDH Optimux
CL-FOM8104G   8E1+4GE+Rs232+OW VLAN SNMP PDH Optimux
CL-FOM4104G   4E1+4GE+Rs232+OW VLAN SNMP PDH Optimux
CL-FOM16104   16E1+4Ethy+Rs232+OW VLAN SNMP PDH Optimux
CL-FOM8104     8E1+4Eth+Rs232+OW VLAN SNMP PDH Optimux
CL-FOM4104     4E1+4Eth+Rs232+OW VLAN SNMP PDH Optimux
CL-EOP16         16E1 to 4*Eth VLAN SNMP Protocol Converter
CL-EOP8           8E1 to 4*Eth VLAN SNMP Protocol Converter
CL-EOP4           4E1 to 4*Eth VLAN SNMP Protocol Converter
CL-C1400           E1 to 4*Eth VLAN SNMP Protocol Converter

For More information, Pls visit here CL-EasyView SNMP NMS System


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